Trio targets elderly with scam that costs them thousands

Trio targets elderly with scam that costs them thousands

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans police are seeking assistance from the public in locating and identifying the pictured suspects wanted in connection with three separate incidents where they took thousands of dollars in cash and property from elderly victims.

The suspects are believed to be responsible for incidents that occurred in the past three months.

In each of these incidents, the victims told police that they were driving their vehicle when the suspects allegedly followed them in a white van, blowing their horn and asking for the victim to pull over.

Once stopped, the two men exited the van and convinced the victim that they saw a problem with the victim's vehicle tire and offered to fix it for a fee, investigators said.

Two of the victims also told police that in their respective incidents, the suspects attempted to bring the victim to an ATM to withdraw money but were unsuccessful.

Each of the victims told police that the suspects convinced them to go to the victim's respective residences to obtain money. Once there, the female suspect reportedly acted as a distraction while the male suspects entered the home asking if they could use the restroom.

In each incident, after the males exited the home and the suspects left the scene, the victims each reported thousands of dollars of either jewelry or cash had been stolen from their residences.