Cassidy addresses flood insurance, New Orleans crime

Cassidy addresses flood insurance, New Orleans crime
Updated: Aug. 3, 2018 at 12:44 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy discussed multiple topics ranging from the National Flood Insurance to crime in New Orleans this week.

The Senate overwhelmingly passed to extend the National Flood Insurance Program earlier this week.

Cassidy championed the vote so the program would not expire.

The program was extended for four months and will be revisited in hopes of amending the current law with a reform plan.

According to Cassidy, just getting the opportunity to vote on the extension was an issue.

"It was not hard to get the votes, it was hard to get the vote," Cassidy said. "An individual senator can block a vote from occurring for at least a time. I found out which Senators were objecting, and explained we were hurting Americans trying to renew their flood insurance."

Once Cassidy got the vote, he was confident his fellow senators could work on reform.

Cassidy wants to have a reform package ready by the next deadline.

"We have been struggling with that for over a year and a half," Cassidy said.

He said that he is working on a bi-partisan solution that will fit every American.

Cassidy said he is confident that the National Flood Insurance plan will continue, but he believes it needs changes.

"It needs to be more affordable, accountable and sustainable," Cassidy said. "We need those reforms. I'd rather not have the current law continue, but a better law continues."

Cassidy also spoke on the recent violence in The City of New Orleans.

He says that the federal government has done a fair amount to hold criminals accountable.

"Some of these folks are being incarcerated in federal prison not state prison, which gets them off the street," Cassidy said.

He also said his priority is to focus on mental health, and how to get mentally ill people cared for so they don't resort to violence.

"We passed a law last year that if someone with a history of domestic abuse or has a reason they shouldn't be able to purchase a gun that the information be easily reported and disseminated," Cassidy. "If some thug steals a gun or buys it illegally then uses it in a crime, that's going to be difficult for the federal government to address."

Cassidy also spoke on minor drug offenses not resulting in jail.

"What I am told by law enforcement is that basically no one gets put in jail anymore for simple possession of marijuana, "Cassidy said. "If a police officer stops someone for possession of marijuana its because they suspect another crime."

Cassidy said state legislatures are embracing the movement to a certain extent, but that when it comes to distribution of drugs then the charges should be addressed circumstantially.

In regards to President Donald Trump's border wall, Cassidy said the nation clearly needs support to secure the southern border.

"Drugs are pouring across our border, human trafficking, and people coming illegally, "Cassidy said. "I don't think the government will shut down, but I will work for the funding to secure the border."

Cassidy said he was impressed with Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and that he anticipates he win the nomination.

"Once you meet the guy, you walk away incredibly impressed," Cassidy said.

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