FFF: Boston Scott is a Saint all fans should root for

Updated: Aug. 3, 2018 at 9:58 PM CDT
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(WVUE) - In this edition of FFF we dissect the rise of running back back Boston Scott, German club Bayern Munich invest in MLS talent, and a must-try sandwich spot right by the Saints facility.


The Saints 2018 sixth-round pick, Boston Scott, is one of us I feel like. He's my height, 5'7", and has a deep love for the Black and Gold growing up near Baton Rouge.

He's the everyman back, but of course, he's much more talented than us. He's been doubted in his career (a walk-on at Louisiana Tech), and prevailed to get drafted.

So if you like a true underdog story, look no further than Scott. He's an inch taller then former Saint Darren Sproles. But with similar versatility, the Sproles-Scott comparisons are out there.

"Look Darren was one of those amazing players. But Boston has some traits that we saw, and you see them periodically on the field. He's still learning and he's further along in the passing game. But I think he's been improving and he's going to be in that mix as a return (man) and we'll see what he can do. But he does have some of the skillsets in regard to versatility. But it'd be fantastic if he could get even in that neighborhood, said Saints Head Coach Sean Payton.


Big news hit North America, with German soccer giant Bayern Munich adding a young star from MLS. The German champs signed Alphonso Davies from the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Bayern broke an MLS record, paying $22M for Davies. The signing shows the soccer world not only is there big talent in MLS, but the league is gaining on the rest of the world with up and coming stars.


Co-worker Juan Kincaid encouraged me recently to try new restaurants. I admit he's right, I get my favorites, and don't deviate often. But this week I hit a new spot, and then went again two days later.

Right down the street from Saints camp, sits Banh Mi Boys. It's next door to a Texaco gas station.

The banh mi sandwices are prominent on the menu, and with good reason. They're so tasty.

On my first visit I went with bang bang shrimp banh mi. The bread was top-notch, and the shrimp, oh yes.

Two days later, I was back. This time,  I ordered the grilled beef banh mi. Once again, I ordered correctly.

At lunch, this spot is packed. The word is out, this place is special. I would highly recommend a visit to all.