Transcript of 911 call made by JP sergeant's wife the night he died

Updated: Aug. 6, 2018 at 4:44 PM CDT
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JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Following is a transcript of the 911 call made by Shantel Wagner the night her husband, JPSO Sgt. Troy Smith, died.

Wagner: He's a police officer sir.

Dispatcher: 12 chameleon (sp?) lane in Waggaman?

Wagner: Yes please send somebody now.

Wagner: No... no...

Dispatcher: Ma'am? ma'am?

Wagner: Yes sir?

Dispatcher: OK ma'am I need you to go up to him. I need you to tell me if he's still breathing.

Wagner: He's breathing but he's barely breathing sir. He's bleeding everywhere.

Dispatcher: Is he conscious? Is he able to say anything?

Wagner: No sir, he shot himself in the head.

Dispatcher: I'm going to stay on the line with you for a bit ma'am. I need you to tell me what your name is.

Wagner: My name is Shantel. And he is a police officer sir.

Dispatcher: He's a police officer?

Wagner: Yes. His name is Troy Smith. He's with JP.

Dispatcher: Where is the gun ma'am?

Wagner: The gun is on the bed.

Dispatcher: Your home is a house, not an apartment, correct?

Wagner: It's a house. The dispatchers, everybody out here knows where we live

Dispatcher: What agency is he with ma'am?

Wagner: He's with JP.

Dispatcher: With JP?

Wagner: Yes. JPSO.

Dispatcher: Which grouping ma'am?

Wagner: He's at the academy sir.

Dispatcher: Ma'am can I get your phone number? Ma'am is there anyone else in the house?

Wagner: No, please...(crying)

 Dispatcher: Ma'am I've sent the police a while ago. They're on their way.


Dispatcher: Ma'am, ma'am is he still breathing?

Wagner: Yeah....(crying)

Dispatcher: He is?

Wagner: Yes.

Dispatcher: How's his breathing ma'am?

Wagner: He's breathing, but he's unconscious.

Dispatcher: But how is his breathing? Is it heavy, labored, low, shallow?

Wagner: Heavy and labored… No start breathing, please breathe. Please. Please. (crying) Please... I hear the ambulance or the cops or somebody. I just don't see them yet.

Dispatcher: OK, ma'am. Is the door unlocked?

Wagner: Yes it's open. Breathe. Breathe. (crying) Oh my God. …Alright I saw one unit pull up. I'm gonna go grab them.

Dispatcher: OK ma'am. Go speak with them.

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