FFF: Defense shining at Saints camp doesn't mean offense is struggling

Updated: Aug. 7, 2018 at 11:15 PM CDT
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(WVUE) - In this edition of FFF we dissect the Saints success on defense against Drew Brees, the Americans are taking over English soccer, and a Friday lunch at Galatoire's


Three straight practices Marcus Williams has intercepted Drew Brees. Yes, Williams is having a strong camp on Airline Drive, but this also doesn't mean Brees is struggling.

With such a big sample size of practices at Saints camp, the defense starts to understand the offenses tendencies. The secondary will start to cheat to one side during certain plays, anticipating what they've seen numerous times before.

Bobby Hebert even pointed out that Marshon Lattimore called out a play one day in camp.

So, no worries Saints fans, Brees looks fine. Don't sweat another interception, it's going to happen. Just hope it's not in week two of the preseason.


There's 20 teams in the English Premier League, and Americans own five of them. Three of those five teams (Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United), are considered some of the tops in the league.

Three of the five owners in the Premier League, also own NFL teams. The Glazers' own Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Bucs. Stan Kroenke owns Arsenal and the Los Angeles Rams. Shahid Khan owns Fulham (they just moved up to the Prem) and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Liverpool Owner John Henry, also owns the Boston Red Sox.

The English Premier League is considered the richest in the soccer world, so it makes total sense for the Americans to cash in overseas also.


There's so many traditions that I adore in our New Orleans restaurants. One in particular, Friday lunch at Galatoire's.

I recently went for my birthday, and it was epic. Lunch starts at 11:30, but some may stay until dinner. It's all day drinking, eating, and socializing from table-to-table.

Also on this day, five birthday songs. So there was a lot of singing.

Many of the people that frequent Fridays at Galatoire's, well they've been doing it forever. Many with their own waiters every week.

If you haven't done Friday at Galatoire's, please do soon. It's New Orleans as it gets.

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