Brazen auto break-ins caught on video

Brazen auto break-ins caught on video

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Surveillance video shows how people pull off a series of auto break-ins in New Orleans' Fontainebleau neighborhood.

That video was captured around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. It shows four men jump out of what appears to be a get away car. They pull on car door handles and even smash car windows on both Walmsley Avenue and Audubon Boulevard while the driver of the get away car followed.

"From the footage you saw they have it well orchestrated. You've got five guys doing this, they obviously know what they're doing, they obviously have no fear of being caught and I'm not sure what can be done to take care of that," said a neighbor.

We spoke with a neighbor who says this is the second time in a week that area has been hit. We're protecting his identity for his safety.

"When they got into my car a week ago they turned on an interior light that burned all night and killed my battery," the neighbor said. "It's been going on so frequently and for so long I hate to say it, it has become the norm."

The NOPD says heavy rain prior to Wednesday's break-ins being reported washed away evidence from the exterior of the cars. But, we're told in the past several weeks detectives have identified 11 people responsible for numerous vehicle burglaries. NOPD officers say arrests or warrants have been issued in all of those cases. The most recent arrest happened Wednesday when investigators took a juvenile into custody.

"I realize this is not a priority. People are shooting each other all the time like over on Claiborne a week or so ago you know, three dead, seven wounded. Ten people shot in one time makes us seem like Chicago. That's where they really, really need to do stuff. But in the meanwhile, I just don't want them to forget about the fact that this is really a near daily occurrence in this neighborhood," the neighbor said.

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