PPSO investigates deputy's possible involvement in alleged hate group

PPSO investigates deputy's possible involvement in alleged hate group
Updated: Aug. 10, 2018 at 7:13 PM CDT
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PLAQUEMINES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - A Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Deputy is being investigated for his ties to an alleged hate group.

A representative with the Southern Poverty Law Center says if the deputy is found to be part of the alleged hate group "Proud Boys", he need to be fired.

If you look at the Proud Boys website, it touts itself as the greatest fraternal organization in the world.

But Heidi Beirich, a spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center, contends, "The Proud Boys, we list as a hate group and they're self described Western chauvinists who've been involved with street fighting lately on the west coast."

In pictures obtained by out partners at the|The Times-Picayune, Plaquemines Parish deputy Brian Green is seen with the slogan "The West is Best." That's also found on the Proud Boys website.

According to the site, the all male group, founded by Kevin McInnes, longs for the days when girls were girls and men were men.

"There are all these racist and bigoted attacks against minority populations that McInnes has expressed and also just horrible level of misogyny in this group," says Beirich.

A press release sent out by the Sheriff's Office says they received a complaint via Facebook about Deputy Green and his possible involvement with the Proud Boys.

The department says they're in contact with federal partners to obtain "intelligence that confirms or exonerates this organization as a hate or supremacy group."

Sheriff Gerald Turlich also says deputies are "not allowed to be a part of any group or organization that would show negatively towards the sheriff's office."

The Southern Poverty Law Center feels that if Green is found to be a part of the group, he needs to be fired.

"In general, if you're active in a group that expresses bigotry and racism and ugliness towards populations that you're charged to protect, that's a huge issue," says Beirich.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says "Proud Boys" first formed during the 2016 presidential election. They also say the group has grown, forming chapters in cities across the country.

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