Drake's latest video showcases "new" New Orleans landmark

Drake's latest video showcases "new" New Orleans landmark
Updated: Aug. 10, 2018 at 6:58 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Drake's new video is creating a "new" New Orleans landmark. The use of a mural of Lil' Wayne is becoming a destination spot.

Yep, Kiki is still riding and it looks like the mural of Lil' Wayne is on board too.

Meet Courtney Buckley, also known as Ceaux. He painted the mural of Lil' Wayne that's in the rapper's old neighborhood of Hollygrove.

The colorful mural is featured in Drake's "In My Feelings" video.

"It's different seeing how I feel, to see the creative people's involvement and then seeing how people react to it all. So, it's like I get to experience from almost every angle."

He works out of his uptown studio and is currently focusing on pieces for his art show in October.

But it's his piece of art at Olive Street and Joliet Street that has everyone talking.

"I was just telling him you gotta see this Lil' Wayne mural. It's awesome bruh. It was in the In My Feelings video," said one man who was visiting the mural.

"I really painted it out of homage to kind of show him that we appreciate him at home and I did it in his neighborhood," says Ceaux. "We went to middle school together. So, just me knowing him personally and getting to see all of the stuff he achieved in his career."

Ceaux tells FOX 8 he painted it last year and it's been a community favorite from the beginning and now becoming a staple.

Ceaux calls it a surreal feeling, yet humbling, to be able to hang out with Drake on set.

"We had a quick exchange, took a bunch of photos and stuff. A real peaceful type of vibe."

While video streams climb, so does the attention to Ceaux's work.

"It's definitely a satisfying type of feeling just to know that people are appreciating what I'm doing right now."

You may have spotted his mural dedicated to the late Soulja Slim or his painting on the side of a beauty store on St. Claude Avenue.

But it's this one that makes people stop and pose.

"Just to see it manifest into something else is a feeling I just can't really explain."

Ceaux says he was excited when the city called him to let him know Drake wanted to feature his work.

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