New rules for Saints ticket holders

New rules for Saints ticket holders

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Saints fans who buy tickets online are going to need their phones to get into the games.

Paper tickets fans print at home for NFL games are now a thing of the past.

"There's been a problem with people printing bad tickets, so somebody has printed a bad ticket, they get to the game, and they have a counterfeit ticket and then they can't get in, somebody's paid a lot of money, so this is all about protection," Saints Senior Vice President of Sales Michael Stanfield said.

As part of new policy, the NFL eliminated those print at home tickets to protect fans against fraud.

To get into the game, fans who buy tickets online must pull up the ticket and bar code on their phone.

"I don't believe it'll inconvenience me as much because the way technology is, it beats having to bring the paper and losing it on the way there, or it may fall out of your pocket or something like that. Having to show your phone might be a good thing for it I think," Torance Everett said.

Season ticket holders will continue to receive commemorative paper tickets, and those will still get fans in the game. However, people who don't have them must have their phones in hand.

"It's maybe a good policy to prevent theft, but at the same time, it's an inconvenience for others that can print them out at home," Jason Foels said.

Foels says he understands why this protocol is in place.

"I had a friend one time that actually gave me a printed copy of a paper that was a Saints ticket as a gift for my birthday a couple of years ago, and I showed up with it, and it was legitimate and everything, but I could see how that could be easily manipulated," Foels said.

Saints administrators warn fans not to buy tickets off the street, and to make sure they come from accredited sources.

"As the Saints play better, there's certainly an uptick in that, and somebody's always looking to beat the system, so that's why across the entire NFL there's no more PDFs," Stanfield said.

Those without smart phones can call the ticket or box office beforehand to print out their tickets.

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