Woman attacked in quiet, Uptown neighborhood

Woman attacked in quiet, Uptown neighborhood

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Authorities are searching for a man they say attacked a woman outside her home in a quiet, Uptown neighborhood.

A group of neighbors know each other a little better after an alleged assault on their block.

"I think it's terrifying," said resident Corina Vacco.

The Hurstville Security District supervisor says it happened on the 900 block of Bellecastle, just before 10:30, Wednesday night. He says a woman was sitting outside of her home, driver's side door open, when she saw a shadowy figure approach her car.

"I was in my house and heard screaming. We thought maybe it was an animal, at first, but it went on much longer than we would expect," said a witness.

Multiple witnesses say they heard the woman's cries for help. The security supervisor says the woman's alleged attacker told her to "shut up", but she didn't stop.

"I look out my bedroom window and see a woman in her car laying on the horn," said a witness.

Hurstville security says the man hit the woman in the head with a "dark colored weapon" several times before taking off down Bellecastle.

"By the time I leave my house to see what's going on, there were no cars or anything. Everyone had left," the witness said. "When I came outside, it seemed like a couple other neighbors had heard what was going on and they all came outside, too. We all kind of started chatting, asking if they'd seen anything. No one seemed to have seen anything, they just heard the screaming."

A witness tells us she and other neighbors walked up and down the street but could find no evidence of a suspect or a crime.

"We were all confused," said the witness.

The alleged victim escaped with a few cuts and all of her property and cash. The security supervisor says the suspect didn't demand a thing. Some neighbors say, after this, they hope to see more police patrols in the neighborhood, but tell us, they don't plan on letting it affect their daily routine.

"I already lock our doors and lock my car and I'm not out after dark, but it said anybody should have to do anything differently when we live in a really nice neighborhood it's heavily populated," Vacco said.

Others find comfort in knowing they have their own makeshift neighborhood watch.

"I've lived in uptown my whole life. And not really nervous but it felt good to see everyone come outside when they heard that rather than staying inside and keeping to themselves," the witness said.

The suspect is described as a black man, about six feet tall, thin build, wearing a light colored shirt and dark pants. He had hair coming out of some sort of headwear and a bandana covering his face. Authorities say police recovered sunglasses the suspect dropped at the scene.