Saints fans gear up for first pre-season home game

Saints fans gear up for first pre-season home game

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Some Saints fans did some last minute shopping to make sure they're ready for Friday's big game.

"Really excited about tonight. Looking forward to seeing what improvements the Saints have made on the defensive side and get to see what they're looking like, just with some little pre-season action tonight," Wesley Hawley said.

Win or lose, Hawley says tonight will be a memorable experience with his two boys.

"It's going to be a lot of fun. They've both been asking to go, and so tonight's actually going to be their first game, so they're going to get to see the Saints on the home field tonight. It's going to be fun," Hawley said.

Some even traveled home from out of state to watch the game.

"I have not been to a Saints game since Hurricane Katrina in the dome. I've been to some in Texas and Missouri, but not in the Superdome, so it was really important to me when we got the chance to come back to see Drew Brees play in the Superdome. We never know how long we're going to have that opportunity for," Summer Rascoll-Jones said.

After watching the first pre-season game, some fans hope the team will step up.

"We will be watching like we were last week. I would like to see them not give us pressure problems in the first quarter, like they did last game. I know it's pre-season but I mean come on now, this is where y'all supposed to be showing what y'all really about," Toddreill Davis said.

Some bars are also gearing up for the home game.

"We'll be showing the game obviously on the TV we're going to have a DJ in here playing music in here during the commercial breaks," Cooter Browns Manager Jeff O'Brien said.

O'Brien expects his bar to be packed from those watching the game, and those stopping by after.

"Last pre-season game was a full house, I expect a full house again tonight. It should be a lot of fun," O'Brien said.

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