Saints remain steady at linebacker

Saints remain steady at linebacker
Saints head coach Sean Payton likes his group at linebacker.

(WVUE) - It's a group that on the surface looks pretty set for the Saints. And after their second preseason game, Sean Payton has liked what he's seen from his linebacker corps.

"We've had a number of different guys in there," Payton said. " I think we played better as a unit last night than we played last week. "

Manti Te'o agreed. Though he believes at this stage of the preseason, that's how it supposed to be.

"That should happen every day in training camp, everyday practicing, everyday grinding it out." Te'o said. "Gettingn familiar with the playbook but more importantly getting familiar your teammates. That jelling process is bound to happen at some point. I'm glad that it's happening now"

When looking at this group as a whole, perhaps the biggest unknown with this group is not who plays but where they do so?

Between Te'o, Demario Davis, Alex Anzalone, Craig Roberston, A.J. Klein and Nate Stupar: they've all played multiple positions. Te'o explained why doing so is such an advantage for the group .

"It puts you in that situation where you have to understand the defense as a whole. You can't just learn one position; you have to learn the different pieces and how they fit into the big puzzle. And when you start understanding the different pieces, that allows you to play faster. And then when you play one position and you've  played the others, you understand why you have to be in certain places what the other person is looking at. "

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