Report: Brother Martin fined $1,000 for rule violation

Report: Brother Martin fined $1,000 for rule violation
Brother Martin advances to play Scotlandville in the next round. Source:

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Brother Martin High School has been fined for rule violations, according to a report by our partners | The Times-Picayune. 

The Louisiana High School Athletic Association issued a ruling Wednesday saying the school broke bylaws in three sections of the association's handbook and was fined $1,000.

Crusaders coach Mark Bonis also was ordered to complete an online coaching course before the team's regular-season opener, according to the report.

Brother Martin principal Ryan Gallagher told that  the school has appealed the ruling.

According to the report, a three-page letter sent to the LHSAA on June 18 request from three North Shore schools called for an investigation into Brother Martin.

Those schools were Northshore, Salmen, and Slidell.

The request asked for an investigation "as it relates to the recruitment of student athletes from the North Shore area including the city of Slidell and Brother Martin."

According to the report, the schools alleged an unspecified number of unnamed athletes were being recruited by Bonis, including those he reached out to at an annual Slidell Youth Football Association camp this past June and in 2017.

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