Friday night headlines

  Desk of student with special needs put in bathroom

Mom of a student with special needs blasts his middle school after they put his desk in a bathroom.

  Mandeville Officer shooting: Rob Masson report 4 pm

  Experts: Human trafficking hidden tragedy of broken immigration system

Hundreds of thousands migrants a year endure long and treacherous journeys with the help of smugglers. What they find in the US, they couldn't have imagined.

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  Dog has lived in animal shelter 400 days

Queen has been living at the Great Plains SPCA for more than 400 days and Scott Poore said that needs to change.

  LA Civil Rights Trial – Norman Robinson

  STEM NOLA – Dr. Eric Griggs

  Josh tastes Southerns fried chicken sandwich

  Blue Rose Ball – Chef John Folse

  Hiker earns triple crown – Will “Akuna” Robinson

  Fried Chicken Festival begins Friday

  Josh tours to VIP lounge at Fried Chicken Festival

  Larry Holder previews Saints vs Seahawks

  Shelby: Friday 8 a.m. weather forecast

  Blue Rose Ball – Chef John Folse

  Friday morning headlines - 9/20/19

  Impact of oil and gas

  Wild World of Weather - 9/20/19

  Flu Myths - Dr. Obinna Nnedu

  Shelby: Friday 6 a.m. weather forecast

  Thursday night headlines

  Wellness center tax

  Thursday Tropical Update

  Friday Noon Forecast

  Friday Noon Headlines

  Saints On Missing Brees To Injury

  Lakeview Water Pipe Bursts

  Thursday Evening Headlines