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  WVUE short 9p

  Saturday night news - May 25, 2019

  2 Mardi Gras krewes expand parades for Summer

  Teen pushes man in wheelchair home during storm warning

A 16-year-old saw a double amputee trying to get home as storm sirens were going off, so he helped the man get home.

  Your Friday evening headlines

  David: Friday evening weather forecast

  David: Friday afternoon weather forecast

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  LA Medicaid and disabled children

  Your Friday afternoon headlines

  Student achieves perfect ACT score

  Weekend box office with Mike Scott

  Friday morning forecast - May 24, 2019

  Burger tips from Cochon Butcher

  Cochon Butcher ribs

  Friday morning weather - May 24, 2019

  Friday morning headlines - May 24, 2019

  Harahan firefighters fight for more funding

  Thursday evening headlines

  Morganza Spillway opening likely

  New commitment could mean, new jobs at Michoud

  Thursday afternoon headlines

  Trump announces $16 billion in aid to farmers

Trump says, "We will ensure our farmers get the relief they need and very, very quickly."