Sister of North Shore homicide victim meets with FBI

Northshore homicide victim's sisters meet with FBI
Updated: Dec. 27, 2017 at 7:23 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The sister of a North Shore woman killed earlier this year is looking for federal help in the unsolved case.

Wendy Watson went to the FBI in her effort to hold someone accountable for the July death of Nanette Watson Krentel.

Watson came home to Louisiana for the holidays in search of answers as she endures her first Christmas without the older sister who she always considered her protector.

"There's a hole there that will never be replaced," said Watson.

Nanette Krentel's body was found in the embers of her burned-down Lacombe-area home. The coroner said a bullet - not the fire - killed Nanette.

"I feel like it's part of a full time job for me, so it's been a very difficult holiday," said Watson.

Watson has monitored the investigation from her home nearly 10 hours away and is stunned that no one has been arrested. The St. Tammany sheriff cleared her sister's husband, Stephen, of the homicide. Now Watson is hoping that the FBI can fill in the blanks. She spent two hours at their New Orleans headquarters today.

Given applicable federal laws, it may be difficult  for the FBI to produce a murder case, but Nanette Krentel's relatives are confident the proper authorities will be given the information that arises out of the federal investigation.

The St Tammany Sheriff's Office, district attorney and the fire marshal are already investigating the case, and  Watson is reaching out to others.

"Just know we're meeting with a lot of people while I'm in town right now," said Watson.

Nanette Krentel's husband is the St. Tammany District 12 fire chief, and he said he's thrilled with the FBI investigation. Though cleared in Nanette's death, he's currently the subject of an administrative investigation by the board of Fire District 12, which is delving into allegations of theft, mismanagement and intimidation.

The FBI is urging anyone with information about Nanette's death to call them at (504) 816-3000.

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