Jordy Robertson, father of Saints super fan J.J. Robertson, arrested on drug charges

Jordy Robertson Arrested

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Jordy Robertson, father of Saints superfan Jarrius “J.J” Roberston and the sole operator of It Takes Lives To Save Lives Foundation, has been arrested.

He was taken into custody on a drug matter Thursday in St. Charles Parish, where he was being held for U.S. Marshals.

Robertson is accused of conspiring to distribute cocaine, among other charges. Investigators say he also misspent donations meant to help raise awareness about organ donation.

Newly-released court documents reveal federal investigators have been looking into this case for almost two years - since May of 2017 - utilizing confidential sources, surveillance, recorded phone calls and more. Documents reveal Robertson is not only accused of arranging to distribute kilos of cocaine, investigators also claim the nonprofit he established wasn’t a non-profit at all.

Robertson established the It Takes Lives To Save Lives Foundation in November of 2016. It was supposedly a charity that accepted donations to raise awareness about child organ transplants. There was also a GoFundMe allegedly created to help pay for treatment for his son’s liver disease, but investigators found that Medicaid paid all his expenses.

And the donations to raise awareness about organ transplants? That money went straight into Robertson’s personal account, according to court documents.

Investigators claim Robertson used the money to buy household goods, groceries and other personal items, and to gamble. Investigators found more than $97,000 deposited in Robertson’s personal account.

Robertson is also facing accusations of witness intimidation for allegedly riding around an informant’s neighborhood with a gun, looking for that individual.

Robertson had his first court appearance Friday morning at Federal Court in New Orleans. He was ordered to be held without bond. His next hearing is Monday at 2 p.m.

In October 2018, the DEA and other federal agents raided his home and office. At the time, the DEA did not say why it was investigating Robertson.

He told FOX 8 after the raid that he thought the IRS and other federal agents were looking at his taxes, his organization, and a GoFundMe account he set up for his son.

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